Payment abandonment or failure

Did you abandon the payment process, or didn’t the payment go through? Here are some of the most common problems and how to solve them.

I have no PayPal account

If you have no PayPal account then that’s not a problem at all. Because you can also use a credit card to purchase a subscription. That process still goes through the PayPal page and can look like this example below:

Sometimes there can be variations in the layout. Here are two more examples:

My credit card payment failed

Often a payment is declined because your financial institution blocked the payment. Banks have a number of safety measures in place to prevent fraudulent use. Your attempted payment may have triggered one of these measures. The most common “triggers” are:

An international purchase (this site uses international transactions).

  • Paying in a foreign currency
  • You reached your daily, weekly, or monthly limit.
  • Your financial institution has blocked all online payments by default until instructed otherwise by you.
  • The info you entered doesn’t match the bank’s records. For example Name on the card, expiration date, credit card number, or security code.

SOLUTION: Call your financial institution, tell them you are making an online payment and ask them to authorize it.

I have no PayPal account or a credit card. Are there other ways I can pay?

Yes, by bank transfer but in that case, it is only possible to purchase an annual subscription. Please contact us for more information via